lyrix / rabbits in the backyard

what is the point
I feel like I could cry
my tulips are all gone
I can't believe my eyes
when I came home
from a ten day trip abroad
there were no roses left
in the backyard of my house
my garden was the place
the place where I relaxed
but now the soil´s dug up
I don´t know where to rest
I don´t know how
to clean up all this shit
the waterfall is dry
the flowerbed is dead
I loved my hedge
and now it´s just a mess
it´s pulled out by the roots
the dirt´s up to my boots
I think I'll get a gun
to chase the riff-raff off
I guess it´s me or them
oh no, this ain´t no bluff

rabbits in the backyard
mules in the front
pigeons on the rooftop
ducks on the pond
hedgehogs in the compost
and jays on the fence
animals all over
it´s devastated hence

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